Tuesday, March 24, 2009

checked off

Sending your procrastination confession out into cyberspace can be a great motivator to start checking tasks off of your list. Here is Miss K. on her new ladybug bean bag. Note the small ladybug in her hand.

Here are the two Goodwill shirts on which I used Celtic Mommy's freezer-paper stencil tutorial. They came out really nice, almost like a real silkscreen! I cannot decide whether or not to keep them or sell them. Here is my once favorite yellow t-shirt. I spilled coffee dead center in the middle so it's getting a little paint too. I'll post when it's done. Now, back to finishing off that list!

1 comment:

CelticMommy said...

Oh how super cool! I love the green one super duperly... but obviously I would with my favorite color being green. :-) I'm so gald you had fun with them.

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