Monday, October 27, 2008

Flower Costume part 2

Okay, so the costume is completely finished and it's been worn twice already! Here's what's happened since you last looked....

I added some wires to the petals to make them stand up better. I sewed some small channels onto each petal and stuck a bit of florist's wire up there. It didn't work, they are still flopping over.
I had a brilliant idea! I sewed my daughter a vase to put the flower into. It's vinyl pencil skirt, the bottom of which was done in a watery looking fabric and trimmed with big aqua colored sequins. The waistband and the bottom hem of the skirt are edged in silver lame'.

She really likes it. The only problem is that the sweatpants are a bit bulky underneath. It'd probably look a lot better with stockings or green leggings that are more stemlike. But the sweatpants are warmer.

I sewed on my leaves to each sleeve and added a cute ladybug just for fun. The bottom two petals are on piece that buttons over on the right. The green ribbons are a drawstring to cinch the hood and petals around her face. The petals are flopping over here, I'm going to tack them back to the hood so that this doesn't happen. She still looks really cute though!

She still looks really cute though! Here also are my two boys, the E-Z Pikachu costume and a vampire.

Coming soon, Pix of the big night, Halloween!


Glitzy Gallery Gal said...

SO CUTE! Very tallented!

Kala Pohl Studio said...

The kids looks so cute and how nice to get such great costumes:)

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