Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Linen Closet

Here is a real sign that spring will be here soon. It shows up just like crocuses and robins: the inexplicable drive to tidy up odd areas of your house. For me, I have looked at jumbled linen closet for TOO LONG.
I yanked everything out, refolded it the correct way and put it all back.

You would think that we were the Duggar Family instead of only five of us with all of these towels. Where do they all come from? I think they divide and multiply like amoebas.

My Mom makes these great seasonal pillowcases for all of my kids. They love them and it's a fun way to decorate in your child's bedroom for a holiday. Right now I have Easter's pillowcases on their beds. I first started out putting them in a shoebox but there are 3 pillowcases for each child per holiday. That adds up to a way too big pile of pillowcases to stuff into a shoebox! I commandeered this plastic bin that was housing old photos to put them in when not in use.

Ta Da! All neat and tidy. Now, on to Linen Closet #2! And my sewing room closet? That is too scary to even think about yet!

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