Monday, September 1, 2014

Hello Again

I didn't plan on taking the summer off from blogging, I just sort of did.  But now the school year has started up and I'm slowly getting back into the groove of a creative routine once more.  A new theatre season is beginning with some exciting new costumes to plan and create so I am looking very forward to that.  Stay tuned!

Speaking of the new theatre season, I'm going to take a minute to hawk my double-feature coloring book. 
 It's a combination of my Mandala Magic and Color Me Paisley coloring books.  I'm selling them on Etsy to raise money so that our little theatre can put on Mary Poppins with proper flying!  All proceeds from the double coloring book (minus Etsy's listing fees) will go to the theatre fundraising effort.  Buy one and tell your friends! 


T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

What a wonderful way to raise money to support the arts :)

I just Faved it :)

Wishing you well with the upcoming season :)

I have been really behind on blogging this Summer, I have no clue where the time goes :(

Have a lovely week, cheers, T. :)

Jacki Frerichs said...

I absolutely love your work!!! Just beautiful!!!


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