Friday, October 16, 2009


So what haven't I been working on since October 6th? It's amazing how when you've got things to do, the time just flies on by.

This angel is part of a digital Nativity Matroyshka set that I designed for Express Yourself Vinyl. I love the sort of job where someone has a good idea, and then it all just pops into your head. I may offer a smaller digital collage sheet of the whole set. Packed up and ready to go are two of my best drawings Minty Leafy and Tres Fabu. They are going to be shown this weekend at my Alma Mater WVWC as part of an alumni invitational art show at the Sleeth Art Gallery. They don't have any pictures of the alumni show up yet. I hope they do, I want to see who else submitted something!

This week I worked on a set of icons for Dream Press Online. Go over there and take a peek, they sell adorable stationary and Christmas is closer than we like to think ;) It is so cool to see what I've made adding personality to this business and website.
This is my weekend to put some time into Halloween costumes. This year Ryan is going as Mario. This is a set of blue flannel overalls in the works. I'm going to have to make a red hat too--but one thing at a time!
While I sewed, Katie came in and started a craft of her own. I love to see my kids being creative!

Katie's crafts are usually made with cheerful smiles both by her and put into her creations.She made this adorable kitty cat (wearing a witch hat with a feather) out of felt, buttons and pipe cleaners. I love it!

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