Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Costume Tutorial--Pikachu Pokemon Easy!

Halloween Hurry Up!

Last night was the Fall Fest at our highschool. I had 2 costumes done and ready to go--more on the lovely flower costume later--when my son informed me that he wanted to be Pikachu. That night. Not to worry, I banged this out in and hour and it would've been even less time had I had a yellow hoodie. Hoodies = easier costumes. I thought I'd share with the rest o' the world.

You will need: A yellow hooded sweatsuit, a large empty cereal box, 3 rectangles of yellow felt (or 5 if you didn't have a hoodie), 2 squares of brown felt (OR some cheap brown fleece from 2 other projects--getting my money's worth out of that brown fleece!) and a square of black a hot glue gun or a bottle of fabric glue.
Step 1. Go on Google and find yourself a couple of Pikachu pix for reference.

Step 2. Cut your cereal box down the side so it's one big piece. Draw and then cut out a lightning bolt shaped tail.

Step 3. Put some glue onto the top2/3 of the tail and lay a piece of the yellow over it. Flip it over and cut out around the edges. Repeat for the other side. Put some glue on the remaining part of the tail. Position your brown felt flush against the yellow, flip it over, cut around the edges and repeat for the other side.

Step 4. Cut out some pointy ear shapes from the remainder of your cereal box.

Step 5. Glue on the yellow felt, as you did with the tail, leaving a diagonal bit at the top. Once you have both sides of each ear glued with the yellow felt, glue some of the black at the remaining part at the tips.

Step 6. To make a hood--skip if you've got a hoodie already--sew together your remaining two pieces of yellow felt together at the top and down one side in an *L* shape. Turn it inside out and viola! Insta-hood! Pin your hood to the collar of your yellow shirt. Glue or pin the ears onto the hood .
Step 7. Pin your tail to the seat of the yellow sweatpants and also to the mid-back of the sweatshirt so it sticks out at a right angle from your child's back.

Step 9. Use lipstick or Halloween make up to draw 2 red circles on your child's cheeks and you are ready to go! 

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