Monday, April 13, 2009

Feature: Some of my Fellow Etsy Artists.

For the past two weeks I've been tidying up my studio (which also doubles as guest room) and not doing a lot of creating or online busywork. Mostly, I've been scoping out Mother's Day gifts and birthday gifts for both my Dad and my daughter--and myself too to be honest! There is a great deal of talent on Etsy which is good for Etsy, and the crafty world in general, bad for someone who is just starting out and trying to get their shop noticed. Another downside to Etsy is that the fine arts are overlooked in favor of toys, jewelry and clothing. These are products from some of my fellow Etsy artists. All are talented and have great shops--check them out!

I love this quirky 3-D card "Sorry Been Busy" by Patsy Mole. Isn't that something we all say when time has flown too quickly and we've been woefully negligent about keeping in touch with friends or family? I've probably said it at least 3 times this week! Don't you just love those bees?

Karen, who named her shop Rachael's Garden for her daughter, paints modern folk art--and will tailor it to your own personal details if you want. This painting "More Bubbles" reminds me of my kids overusing the bubblebath and flooding the bathroom. Good times!

Patti, of LilyPutsArt, made this adorable ACEO titled "Possum Opossum." She has a pet opossum that lives with her and that provided the inspiration for this whimsical family portrait! She also makes some pretty cool sculptures.

Jerise is the talented artist who made this beautifully colorful card and she also did all of the intricate calligraphy at the bottom. Even though it is titled "Winter Trees" this card reminds me of spring. All the weary greys and browns of winter giving way, little by little, to new lively colors.

This clever little flip book was created by FernandaFrick. (I can't imagine the amount of time it took to make each frame!) "Bouncing Vegetables" is hands on art that's fun and cute! It's one way to get kids to enjoy veggies--even if they won't actually eat them.

Even though winter is on its way out--scarves are all The Spring Accessory to have. Kirsten, who made this gorgeous scarf, doesn't sell paintings but she definitely is an artist with an eye for color. This corduroy and organic cotton scarf is just one of many yummy offerings from her shop anabelfuzz.

A blank book is just full of possiblities isn't it? You could sketch in it, keep a diary, make a scrapbook or just sit it on your shelf looking uniqe and mysterious until you find just the perfect thing to put inside. This bubbly blue handmade book was painstakingly crafted by Lori of ElvieStudio.

"Contemplating a Painting" by Deana of Bellacosart is a 9x12 acrylic scene that reminds me of my own creative process. Before you do anything, you need a hot mug of something to make sure you keep it going!
I hope you have enjoyed this slice of the Etsy art scene. Now hop on over there and see what other treasures are waiting!


Tourmaline2777 said...

Great picks! I really like the flip book!Cool!

kirstenhardy said...

Thanks so much for featuring my scarf! There are so many wonderful sellers on etsy- I'm flattered. I think I'm even blushing a little! :)

slosurfer said...

Nice picks of artists! I like Rachaels Garden's folk art painting.

Chris said...

Thank you so very much for featuring my :Bubbles and More Bubbles" painting - I am so excited! You are sweet! Love all the artists work that you feaatured!

lori vliegen said...

jen, you're so sweet to include my blue circles journal amongst your favorites! i'm very flattered!! :)

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