Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Paisley of the Week! Turquoise Batik

Gah!  It's Wednesday already and I'm late doing Paisley of the Week!  Let me 'splain.  I have a fave turquiose paisley tee shirt that I was going to do as Paisley of the Week! but then I spilled chocolate on it.  And I've been remiss in doing my laundry this week as well...So enough excuses.

  This week's Paisley of the Week! is this gorgeous aqua batik from E-Quilter.  It reminds me of the beaches in Cancun where I went on my honeymoon.  Nothing but turquoise as far as you can see.  I can imagine capri pants, or a little girl's dress, or a short summer robe or a cute sleeveless blouse.  Lots of possiblities with such a pretty color!


Pretty My Drink said...

That pattern is beautiful- perfect for the beach!

claudia said...

This is absolutely Beautiful. AbSoLuTelY

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