Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pressurized Rambling

My Mom gave me a pressure cooker very much like this one many many years ago. Possibly when I first moved into my house which was at least 10 years ago. Although I'd seen my Mom use this device countless times when I was growing up, it secretly scares me half to death--so I never used it. When reading the directions just about every sentence starts with "CAUTION!" and then some dire warning about the lid flying off or extreme burns. It doesn't foster a confident feeling. Still, according to the manual, you can make BBQ pork, the kind that takes all day in a crock pot, in 12 minutes.
I decided to face my fear and find out. And guess what? The lid stayed on, there were no burns, extreme or otherwise, and I made BBQ pork. In TWELVE minutes! My son was thrilled and told me numerous times that I need to use the pressure cooker more often.
I think I will.


Sycamore Moon Studios said...

Being careful while using your cooker is the key! My mom's friend blew a hole in her ceiling with one!

Happy pressur-izing.

Jen A. said...

That was one of the reasons it made me so nervous. I was at a friend's house when the same thing happened to her Mom! Scary!

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