Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Inspiring Sights

Up the street from us is a small farm. Every year they plant something different, sometimes corn, sometimes hops or alfalfa. This year's crop was a true delight. As far as the eye could see were rows and rows of sunny faces. For the two weeks that the sunflowers were at their peak, everyone who saw them couldn't help but be cheerful. My kids would be squabbling in the back of the car and we'd come up the hill and they'd forget whatever petty dispute was going on at the sight of all that gorgeous yellow. They're droopy now as the seeds have become ripe and heavy but what a wonderful gift to everyone from that farmer. I hope he does it again!

My kids and I are so excited to have this many potential Jack o' Lanterns for Halloween this year. Note my assistant peeking through the lattice on our deck. Pumpkins are so fun to watch as the creepers take over the yard, little round greenies turning fat and orange. This year's crop was our most bountiful; below are only some of the pumpkins we grew. (At the time the pic was taken there were still about 5 on the vine!) We had about 15 total in all shapes and sizes: small, big, squatty, round and tall. Two of them went to the York Fair and won ribbons (4th & 8th place.) Our biggest one turned to mush (it could've been a contender!)

So what has inspired you lately?

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