Monday, October 5, 2009

Repeated Woes

For the past 2 days, Spoonflower and I have been having a fight. Above is my favorite design to date. I would love love love to have fabric that looks like this (wouldn't you?!) But it will NOT line up properly in the repeat when I upload it to Spoonflower. Those veins in the leaves, which I feel are necessary to the overall design, are always skewed. I want my Chocolate Raspberry Truffle fabric!

UPDATE:  I  learned how to make a seamless repeat ,wrote a tutorial about it and I decided it wasn't Spoonflower's fault after all. 


Stephen said...

If it lines up correctly when you tile the design in Photoshop then it may be a glitch in the previewer on Spoonflower, which functions differently depending on the browser. Odd behavior arises when the repeat element itself is an odd number of pixels in width. The preview is just that, however, not a true representation of how the design will print.

Jen A said...

Is there any way of telling what it will actually look like for certain,Stephen?

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