Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Paper" Doll

After I created Petals, I still felt like I wasn't finished with my girl figure in the picture.  The most fun I had doing the picture was designing her clothes.  Her dress had been flowered, pink, yellow, stripped and white before I settled on the aqua Swiss dotted one. 
So I fiddled around with her some more. I cropped out the rest of the picture since I only wanted to concentrate on her and since I was just fooling around, I just changed her from the waist up. I lightened her hair, gave her a new tank top with a paisley (of course) pattern, an aquamarine necklace, and some groovy cat's eye shades. I was pretty pleased with the result.  (I wouldn't mind owning that tank top if you want to know.)  But what else could I do with her? Why stop with one look?
I wanted to do something with a patterened sleeve so I used a foulard brush that I'm partial to.  When I do clothes on a figure in PS, I usually start it as black or white and decide the color later.  I liked the pattern so much in black that I just left it.  I lightened her skin some more and changed the scene from a warm beach to a gloomier setting.  The rainy window stock  by Quna-Stock on DeviantArt was synchonous with the fact that I was re-reading Twilight (Team Jacob since I'm sure you were going to ask.) And before I knew it she became Alice Cullen

Which made me think of another popular Alice that's been in the press lately.  I did a generic background and slapped a white rabbit in there and she was finished.  I probably will change her again but I feel finished with her for right now.

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