Sunday, November 27, 2016

Black Stash Jacket part 3

 I added more yellow around the edge of the jacket to hide the raw edges of the yellow and blue bars.
The very last bar was meant to wrap around the edge of the bottom of the jacket,
but the fabric had begun to fray very badly and it just was not working.  So i seam ripped the whole mess out of there and started over. 

I added new trim that went up and around in mitered corners, which were tricky since they are not all right angles.  I had to just keep eyeballing it until it lined up nicely.  I probably could have used a protractor but I didn't have one.
 The next part was adding lining.  I used old lining from a bathrobe we had in stock.  I would not recommend this as it didn't line up exactly and was very fiddly to attach.
 I got it there in the end but if I'd known it was going to be so annoying I would have just partially lined the front where the appliqued bars are.

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