Monday, October 17, 2016

Black Stash Jacket part 2

I cut the front of the blue blazer using this tutorial.  Then I added navy blue bias tape to the edges.  

I want the jacket to have a military feel to it without copying any actual military uniform. Originally, I was only going to have just these three bars on the front (anyone know the name of this type of embellishment?) 

But I it looked incomplete so I added more bars that diminish in size.

I added royal blue, satin ribbon down the center of each yellow bar so it wouldn't look so blocky, then satin stitched around the raw edges.  This yellow polyester material frays like crazy!  Worse than costume satin!

Then I designed a cuff that echoes the design elements of the yellow and blue bars.  Again, I didn't want to copy any particular military uniform so I avoided using stripes that designate rank. We want this play and its costumes to feel as though children are playing out the story using things they might have found in an attic or grandparents closet or the like.  A kid might find a fancy jacket and think it looks military enough.
 The cuffs are only pinned on because I need the two actors who will be wearing the jacket to try it on.  Two characters wear the jacket: First, Lord Astor, who is captain of a secret mission to find 'star stuff.'  One of the reasons that I didn't want to use British Military style is because his mission is top secret and unofficial so the British Navy would not want it known they're involved.  The second character is Black Stash who steals the jacket from Lord Astor.

*Note, I ended up not using these cuffs.  I'll post a pic of the new ones as soon as I can.

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