Thursday, December 8, 2016

Black Stash Jacket parts 4 & 5

So we wrapped up our production of Peter and the Starcatcher.  Black Stash's jacket was (I thought) complete.  I had the collar buttoned down.  Note our poor mannequin with burn marks on the neck from when we used a heat gun to mold plastic armor.
 The lining was as in as it was going to go.
 Here is the side view, something has changed though, did you catch it?
 And I added more navy fabric to the hem to bolster up the yellow and royal stripes at the bottom.

 Back view with the mitered trim. It never did hang exactly right.  If I do another jacket remake like this (and it is likely) I'll probably just line each piece of the coat individually.
 The front view.  I added gold buttons onto the end of each stripe.
So you might have noticed that the cuffs are different from when I first started.The reason for this is twofold:  The style of cuffs I'd made were very floppy and the actors wearing the coat found them distracting.  So I made a more fitted cuff with yellow and blue stripes to match the front of the coat. But secondly, and more importantly, the right cuff needed to be a trick sleeve.


It is very important as a costumer to pay attention to the script and I confess that when I began the jacket I had not read it all the way through  At the end of the play, Black Stash has his hand cut off and he becomes dun-dun-DUN Captain Hook.
So I had to rig the sleeve to come down and cover the actor's hand to make it look like it's been cut off, also it had to be quick and easy for her to do with one hand.  I thought the red Velcro looked a bit like blood.

Here you can see where one arm is longer than the other.  So there you have it, how a plain old blue blazer becomes a tricked out pirate coat.

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