Monday, October 7, 2013

Mermaid Hair (I needed a pants break!)

I did find the reason that the pirate pants were not coming out so well.  The fabric we chose for Hook's suit is very stiff which is great for a coat but not for pants that drape in the front.  So I've chosen a different pattern for those and I'm working on them.  I just needed a break from Hook for a bit.  This afternoon I'm working on a prototype for Mermaid Hair!  In our production of Peter Pan there will be six mermaids.  These mermaids are not that important to the story and are little more than animated set dressing so you might think we aren't doing more than basic stuff for their costumes.  If you think that you're wrong because, HELLO?  They're mermaid costumes!!
Pam came up with the idea to do falls (or fake hair pieces) for the girls playing mermaids rather than fit them for wigs.  Wigs are a pain to put on and keep unsnarled.  So I went to the Dollar Store and found some cheap headbands (3 for $1) that had holes in them.  Holes mean no gluing, you can simply tie the yarn and other embellishments on through the holes.

I used a few different kinds of green yarn, most of which I had sitting around at home waiting for a chance at being turned into something cool.  Today was its lucky day! The chunkier light green one I bought at Walmart. You might think this is specialty curly yarn but it isn't.  I simply pulled apart regular old acrylic yarn and it makes this very cool, wavy, seaweedy effect.  I tied in a pony bead here and there for some sparkle.
 Here is the end result.  Pretty cool, huh?  I wonder if K would like to be a mermaid for Halloween this year?

I also want one of the mermaids to have soft peachy-orange hair only peach is not hip right now and I couldn't find anything remotely peach or even coral.  Not to worry, Walmart also had plain white poly-chenille for a dollar.  I  filled up a plastic tub with a bit of water and half a cup of vinegar, added a few squirts of pink and orange acrylic paint, let it soak for a bit and hung it up to drip dry.  Viola!  Peach yarn.  Okay, done procrastinating, I need to work on those pants!

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