Monday, October 14, 2013

Hook's Red Coat is Done!

  Here's the coat with the lining partially in.  We thought that the bottom half was just too much plain red and needed something more.

  I added two more crocodile appliques a bit different from the ones adorning the cuffs.  The lower crocs have clocks in their stomachs while the cuff crocs have Hook's hand in their stomachs. 
This is the coat hanging up; it needs a little steaming.
 And this is me trying the coat on to see how it hangs.  The actors who will be wearing the coat were not available right then.  So it's DONE!  I'm  pretty happy with the whole thing, it certainly is fancy enough for a narcissist like Captain Hook!  I also have solved the dilemma of the pants.  The newer pattern did not fit either actor properly and so I had to cobble together the front part of the first pattern, instead with darts and not that flappy panel, with the back part of the second pattern.  I'll have more on those later.

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