Monday, March 15, 2010

It's the middle of March...

And I've now gotten one thing crossed off my UFO list. 
At this rate, I should get 4 things done all year...

This was what my son's gamer chair looked like.  He, and his siblings, have a habit of standing up on it and eventually it popped a hole right through the seat.
The thing that amazed me most was how cheaply made this chair was.  It was basically hollow inside. 
I shored up the seat with this piece of pine which I screwed into the frame.  Then on top of this I put a block of foam rubber for extra padding.  I cut off all of the vinyl and reused the foam from the original covering.
After visiting JoAnne's remnants table (twice due to not paying attention to how I cut my side pieces) I used the original vinyl as a pattern to sew these tweedy bits of upholstery, added a little headrest pillow and then stapled it all in place.  I have another vinyl gamer chair that is going to need the same treatment.  #2 son says he wants royal blue and black.  We'll see what the remnant table holds :)

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

wow! i wish i could recover things like that. 'you have much more patience than me!

good job!

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