Sunday, July 26, 2009

Always Drawing

The other night at work it was pretty slooowww. Not a whole lot of folks come into the gym on sunny evenings. My guess is that they were all out enjoying the gorgeous weather. The lady I was working with had brought her knitting for just such an occaision. What I usually bring along is one of these: These are my favorite pens! The Uniball Signo 207. The ink in them is to 'prevent check fraud' but the reason I like them is that they are ballpoint, not flowpen, and the ink in them works perfectly with Prismacolor markers. Anyway, this isn't an ad for Uniball (although I'd wouldn't tell them no if they asked me!)

The next time I worked one of my other coworkers laughingly told me that _____ had said incredulously that I had been drawing almost the whole time. And just Paisleys! She just couldn't understand it! How could I just sit there for that long drawing paisleys? Well here is the thing, all joking aside, I HAVE to draw. Everyday. It's sort of like a meditation. The curves and curls, the various layers of elements (the jaggedy triangles, the loop-de-loops, the curvy bracket and the half circle to name a few) can just keep on going until the page is filled and fancy. I've gone through dozens of those pens. I've been fantasizing about having a custom one done. Maybe get some of those little stick-on blings like Paris Hilton has for her phone.

When I was in school, I often took notes in 'doodle' instead of short or longhand. I still have some of my best ones filed away somewhere. And then when they weren't notes, they were just inky day-dreams. That sounds like a good title for a drawing doesn't it?

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