Thursday, July 9, 2009

And the winner is.....

I used Wordle to do my random drawing. Wordle is a fun time-waste-y site that you can fiddle with for endless minutes. You can either paste your text, or you can put in the web addy of your site and it randomly chooses words from it to make a Wordle.
I typed all of your names into the engine, pre-chose a spot (by closing my eyes and jimmying the mouse around) and then hit 'Go.' The person whose name was closest to the mouse when it finished its design was Nance who heard of my contest through Twitter.
Congratulations, Nance! I hope you enjoy your coloring book. Thanks very much to everyone who participated and again to Tiffany for the great idea! The coloring book is now available in my Etsy Shop for $1.99

1 comment:

DJ said...

Hey pretty neat. Wordle is new to me. Thanks for sharing!

Love your blog by the way :)

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