Saturday, August 1, 2009

Textile Ramblings

I have periods of fascination with Spoonflower and then I don't go for a while. Being a textile designer is something I've been focusing on a lot lately so Spoonflower has seen a lot of me lately! Spoonflower makes it easy for the common person to design and print their own fabric. My biggest obstacle is deciding which of my designs I'm going to have printed. As of yet I haven't made that step. At $18 a yard, it's kind of spendy. (The 3 designs above are my top 3 contenders.) On the other hand you could brag that your design costs at least as much as a Waverly.

The most exciting feature of Spoonflower is that it has the technology to show you what your design is going to look like repeated. Often this means returning to the drawing board because there will be holes in your design that you haven't anticipated. Or you haven't gotten it to line up exactly so that the repeat isn't broken or wonky. I've discovered using the grid setting in Photoshop makes that a bit easier. My Mom just sent me a link to a very cool blog The Textile Blog which is like a weekly textiles class. Textiles was one of my favorite courses in college.

If you have a moment to comment, let me know which of these designs you like most!

1 comment:

mandyann said...

I like the candy pink paisley! Its adorable!

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