Friday, February 14, 2014

Fan Club Jacket

Conrad Birdie Fan Club logo design. The font is a modified Giddy Up and the inspiration was basically an Aeropostale hoodie.  I had to print it backwards, trace onto Wonder Under and then carefully cut it out.
The first applique I did onto a knit because it won't fray but it does this annoying curly thing so I scrapped that.

The second applique I did onto blue felt.  The jacket is made from a cream colored polyester gabardine which looks nice but is a huge pain to sew.   It frays as much as costume satin.  There's going to be a little bird added to the jacket but I have to have someone try it on first to see where it'll look good.  The 'fan club' part is stenciled and painted.  I didn't want to applique that part.

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