Sunday, March 4, 2012

Marker Caddy Project

I had my markers in this basket for portability as I draw here there and everywhere. But I'm always having to rummage through looking for the one I want. Murphy's Law dictates that the marker you want will somehow burrow itself to the bottom of the basket even if you just used that one. I wanted something that was 1.) portable 2.) allows me to see which markers are where at any given moment and 3.) allows me to store them on their sides as this keeps them from drying out.
I've been collecting these coffee cans. They're the right size and I think they'll stack well.
I took off their lables.
I stuck them all together with some cool looking zebra duck tape.
I then sorted my markers by color.
The caddy can be used either upright, when I'm moving around with it, or on its side when I'm in my office. Probably, if I were doing this project again, I could do something a bit more sophisticated than duck tape but I'll see how this goes for now. So far, it's holding up fine! I also think it needs a handle but I haven't figure that out yet.
After a while, the duct tape started to loosen and the the caddy was listing to one side.  I cut it apart and glued some cardboard inbetween the top and bottom cans to keep it stable.  I wanted to glue them in the first place but the metal rims on the cans lifed them up just enough so they wouldn't touch.  If I had it to do over, I'd use oatmeal boxes which have no rims.  Still, it's functional in the way I wanted.

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