Monday, January 9, 2012

In Which I do 2 Tutorials I Found on the Web...

...and tell you how they came out.
If you have a 10 (or older) computer game obsessed boy in your home then you'll know what Minecraft is. I made this for my 5th grader who is Minecraft obsessed. This simple design is a virtual creature called a creeper. This shirt was very quick to make using Celtic Mommy's easy tutorial on freezer paper painting. I have used this tutorial before and I really like how simple it is. Freezer paper acts like a simple silkscreen once you iron it onto your fabric. It took me less than an hour to make this design (not including drying time.)
This is another creeper shirt I did for my 8th grader who is also a big fan of Minecraft. I used this tutorial from a great blog called The Craft Patch. I ironed on a square piece of an old black tee shirt using Wonder Under. For the creeper's face I used a piece of light green fabric from my stash, which I then colored with darker and brighter squares in a grid pattern using Prismacolor Markers. I Wonder Undered this over my black piece, marked off where I wanted the creepers face to be and sewed around those lines with green thread. Then I carefully cut away the fabric on top revealing the black. This took me about two hours but I think it was because I had to color those squares onto my fabric. If I hadn't, it would've taken at least a half hour less.
I'm definitely planning other projects using these techniques, they were easy and fun to do! The first one is pretty kid friendly. You do the ironing, they paint inside the design.

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Jennifer from The Craft Patch said...

Very cool! I'm glad my tutorial was helpful. I have never played Minecraft before, but all the tween/teen boys I know would love this. Good job!

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