Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Person A Day Project

I came across this great tutorial by Teesha Moore (thanks Pinterest!) and it has really helped me a LOT. Anyone who knows me knows that my people drawing skills are not up to snuff. (How high up is snuff anyway?) She starts with the eyes and draws the person around them. For some reason this works really well for me. Mind you my proportions are still wonky but overall I feel that I've improved!
Teesha's also doing a 'Drawing a Day' project which a lot of artists do. That isn't much of a challenge for me as I do about 1-3 drawings a day anyway. But it gave me the idea that I could improve my people drawing if I practiced them every day and so I am going to do a Person A Day and post them from time to time. I hadn't formally formed the idea until 3 days ago but I've been practicing since after Christmas. This first one is a sketch dump. I LOVE the girl in the middle left with the black boots and short curly 'do. She came out perfect except for her hands.
You know what's cool about this one is that one of my other drawings showed through when I scanned it and it looks like wallpaper.
Girl by a stone wall wearing a ruffled dress.
Yesterday and today's people, diggin' the zig zaggy sweater. I need to draw some guys.

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