Friday, August 13, 2010

The cure for Slooow Mo Joe

Lately, my computer has been super slooooooww. I've been worried that it was a virus although my anti-virus hasn't noticed anything. Photoshop has been particularly troublesome starting out a bit pokey and ending up taking up to FIVE minutes to load. I'd turn it on, get a drink, unload the dishwasher, allow myself to be distracted by the TV for a bit, come back and it'd still be trying to get it self started. And shutting down was the same story. About five minutes to close and any other program I wanted to run just had to wait.

Yesterday morning I was not quite awake, so while waiting for my coffee to take effect I sat there sipping and absently watching it load. It started out going through all of its photoshoppy things and then it got to the part where it loads the patterns and there it stuck....reading patterns.....reading patterns.....reading patterns. It read them for a full three minutes and then *click* the lightbulb went on (I said I wasn't awake yet.)

All of the patterns that I've been creating, I've just saved in the patterns pallette. I must've had about fifty of them in there. Apparently instead of just using them as I need them, Photoshop loads them all. It would be like taking out every piece of fabric you own, unfolding it and lining it up all around your sewing room whether you were going to use it or not. Then, when you were done with your project, you'd have to fold all of it back up and put it away again exactly as you found it.

So the moral of this story is: If you've used my repeating pattern tutorial, and subsequently noticed a slow down in your Photoshop, go into your patterns pallette and reset it (but make sure you have your tiles all saved somewhere else.) After I did this BAM, Photoshop closed itself right down.  For the sake of experimentation I restarted it and it took less than a minute to start. And my laptop began running faster as well. Who knew that having a full pattern pallette could cause such a problem?

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