Monday, August 26, 2013

I liked it better when your identity was a secret, Miley

...I just feel I have to say this.  Sigh. 
Left this innocent look in the rearview mirror long ago.
I don't ordinarily rant about things here but I have some stuff I wanted to get off my chest.
What IS it with girls who are on Disney shows and movies?  As soon as they reach adulthood or no longer are a starring Disney actress they hop directly on the bus to Skanky Town.

I am talking to YOU Miley Cyrus.  Miley's video for "We Can't Stop" is just straight up NASTY.  And this is the girl who millions of little girls, like MY little girl, watched as Hannah Montana.  This is the message she is sending them, that it's okay to present yourself as nothing more than an object.  Yeah, I know, there are all sorts of teachable moments here and I'll take the opportunity to talk to K about them.  I know it is my job to guide K and not Miley Cyrus' but dammit stuff like this makes it so much more difficult!  How do you reconcile the fresh faced teen whose biggest problem was not being able to tell people she was really a super-cool rock star with the girl waving her ass in the camera quite literally like a cat in heat?  I felt like I might've gotten crabs from just watching it. 

So last night, Miley brought her burgeoning sluttiness live to the VMAs and allowed Robin Thicke ( succinctly and accurately described by Jen of People I want to Punch in the Throat fame as a Beetlejuice wannabe) to bend her over.   It was really just depressing more than anything and definitely not sexy.  I guess neither of them was listening to Ashton Kutcher's awesome speech last week at the Kids' Choice awards about how being smart is the ultimate in sexiness.  I understand wanting to push boundaries both as an artist and as someone who is no longer a little girl.  But is this the boundary that Miley wants to push?  How tacky and low class she can be?  Ick.

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