Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lampshade Fix-it

My son's lampshade fell apart.  The little fabric strip that holds the shade together had decided that it was retiring and unceremoniously dropped the shade away from the lamp.  Or perhaps it was the glue on the strip.  Either way it was  already broken so I didn't have anything to lose by trying to fix it up.  Worst case scenario, I'd have to just go buy a new shade.  I've seen rustic looking lampshades with the riser sewn on in leather and that gave me this fix-it idea. 
Using a hole punch I punched holes spaced about an inch apart.  Note the swipe of orange crayon on the inside.  Why do boys do stuff like that?
Rather than use leather I used a selvage from fabric that I'd used in my son's quilt.  I threaded this through an embroidery needle with a large eye.   (Selvages are very handy and strong.  I have a whole collection of them I've saved and I use them for all kinds of things.)  You could get really creative with your choice here using fancy ribbon or yarn or pretty bias binding to match your room as long as it's strong enough to hold.
Then I used a whipstitch to start attaching the riser to the shade with my selvage. There was still some stickiness left on the riser so that worked in my favor to hold it in place a little....
But I ended up using a binder clamp to hold it in place so it wouldn't end up crooked.  Once I got to the end I just tied the ends together and snipped off the extra.
And here you have the finished result, cost:  $0.00

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