Tuesday, July 10, 2012

From Design to Fabric!

I got my swatches from Spoonflower today!   What I have learned is that in printing fabric, blue is pretty much a crapshoot.  My royal blues and periwinkles came out purple (and not the blue side of purple either) and the pinks and reds that I had thought were on the bluer side came out printed more orangey--but still pretty close.  Interestingly, the group of designs that came out best were the ones that were direct scans of original artwork that had minimal photoshopping (meaning I didn't fool with the color at all, just the design.)

This bunch came out perfect!

These were disappointingly purple but wouldn't you know, dang it, that they look BLUE again on my monitor, 'cept the Eggplants, they're straight up purple and not giving it up.  I am going to have to make a conversion chart.


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