Wednesday, January 6, 2010


It always seems that when the New Year rolls around I'm always surprised.  Like it doesn't come this time every year.  With the new year brings Resolutions.  I can tell you right now I am not quitting smoking, eating healthier, losing weight or any of the other same old resolutions that everybody else does.  (I don't smoke anyway.) 

No, this year my goal is to finish some of the very long-suffering UFOs that have been sitting upstairs in my office.  Some of them have been there since before I was married 15 years ago.  Since one of the best ways to keep your resolutions is to make yourself accountable, I'll be posting some of those projects here.

I'm also going to continue to make surface designs.  This one is for Spoonflower's Fabric of the Week--next week I think. (They still haven't announced the winner of this week's.)  I usually don't do two Spoonflower contests back to back but I really like the palette they chose.  It reminded me of one of  Helen Dardik.  I love her style,  it's very loose and funny but at the same time graphically sleek.  Her color choices are always great.  She often uses colors I wouldn't choose but makes them surpisingly cool.  I tried to emulate that style in this design ( mainly to see if I could) while at the same time keeping my own style evident.  I think I accompished it.

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