Thursday, January 7, 2010

Save Spiderman, darn it!

 One of the many unfinished projects that I have is a pile of mending.  Sock Darning is a lost art. Let's face it, socks are cheap and easy to buy. If you get a hole in your sock, you can toss it and buy another bag o' socks at your local Target without much thought.

Sometimes though there are socks that you just can't bear to throw away. This comfy cozy Spiderman sock is half of my oldest son's favorite pair. Spiderman himself would probably be able to just shoot a little webbing over the holes and be done with it. I have to do the next best thing to save the Spidey socks. 

Most sewing and mending involves tight even stitches to close a hole. Darning is not like that. You are essentially weaving new fabric in the spot that has worn away.  This calls for your stitches to be wide and loose.

* Put your hand inside of the sock and stretch it out a bit with your fingers. Make your first stitch on the outside so that the ends stick out. Placing them on the inside is irritating to the feet.

* Make wide loose stitches turning about at each end. Don't use the whip stitch; it will pull your sides together and wear the fabric of the sock away more quickly.  Then you'll be mending it again before long.
 * You may get some loops here and there. Just pick them up with the next stitch by pulling your thread through the stray loop a couple of times. 

* Go back and forth across your hole 2-3 times. Your sock's hole will start to look like a loom.
* Now move your needle through from side to side going over and under your threads. Again, you are creating new fabric. It will not be pretty fabric but it will be strong.
* Turn the sock inside out and repeat the process until no light shows through. Tie off your ends and you are done!

* Note:  It's easier to mend in a spot that is merely worn rather than completely opfabric that is there already guide for your darning.

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