Thursday, October 30, 2008

How ideas become Real Things

Thursday is my daughter's ballet class day. While waiting for our little princesses to finish tippy-toeing and twirling, we Moms (and the occaisional Dad) sit in the waiting room gabbing, reading old issues of Good Housekeeping, or, in my case, working on small portable crafts. Right now I am making a pair of lumpy looking crocheted arm warmers to pass the time.

I have my yarn, crochet hook and scissors all together in a little bag. Sometimes the scissors poke through. It is easy enough to make a scissor caddy. You take some cardboard, fold it around the pointy part of the scissors and then use duct tape or packing tape to hold it together.
But why have a boring cardboard scissor caddy when you can have a cool, colorful, custom doodled scissor caddy? And not only that, maybe some other people might see it, want one too and then I could give them my card and that might lead to a sale or multi-million dollar contract with Fiskars or somebody to design a whole bunch of them. But I don't want to get ahead of myself here.

I luckily had an old mailing envelope sitting around and I cut that up for scissor caddy number 1. When I started a paisley design on it, the ink smeared all over as the surface was too smooth. Scissor caddy number 2 faired much better being made out of bristol-board. No smearing. I folded this up neatly and added some clear packing tape and in no time I had a unique scissor caddy.

Soooo. My question to you, dear reader, is this: what sort of sticky, strong covering can I use to make a more marketable scissor caddy? Because I doubt Fiskars (or anyone else) is going to be banging down my door for an item covered in something as cheesy as packing tape even IF it's got an original design by moi. What do you think? Leave me a comment, I'd appreciate it!

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Homemade Zen said...

That's pretty neat. Can you secure it so the the scissors won't slide out easily after you put it in? I guess one way is to make it big enough for the whole scissor and add a snap button to close it. My scissors came with a self-locking plastic covers that I like a lot.

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