Sunday, June 2, 2013

Forgotten Tutorial - upcycled t-shirt

As I was uploading a bunch of photos to Flickr, I came across a set that I had done of an upcycling tutorial for a girl's fancy t-shirt.  I can't imagine why I never posted it because it came out really cute!  

So I had a few black long sleeve tees that were meant for my boys but were dubbed 'uncool' and a tank top that I'd bought on clearance the summer before that was now too small.

I took the two black tees and cut long strips of fabric to make a ruffle.  I gathered it and pinned it on diagonally.  Un-shown, I did the same with the bottom of the grey tank top and made an under ruffle. and another black ruffle for the hem of the shirt.

Then, using this tutorial from I Sew Do You some costume satin and some cool buttons that were given to me by my MIL, I made some fancy flowers.  I then made another flower out of some of the lacier part of the grey shirt and the black shirt fabrics using this tutorial from Gettin' By.  Both were really easy and quick.  Then I sewed them onto the shirt using cute buttons to fasten them.

 And here is Little Miss looking very fashionable in her new cute top.  She added black polka dot leggings and espadrilles to complete the look. 

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