Thursday, October 20, 2011

Paisley of the Week! Dashing Dog Collar

Just look at this fantastic paisley dog collar from the Etsy shop My Fabulous Puppy. I don't own a dog (though my kids have been lobbying hard!) but if I did my dog could not be a cool canine without paisley bling like this.  Sasha, the diva doggy who was rescued from a shelter and knew she had to be fabulous, found that sparkly, pretty dog collars and sweaters are usually made for more dainty dogs. So unfair!  Who says you have to be petite to have the poshest pooch apparel?  Although I wouldn't fancy toting a German Shepard/Greyhound mix around in a Gucci bag, I agree with My Fabulous Puppy's motto that All Dogs Deserve to be Fabulous!  Sasha asked her owner to rescue her once again--from boring and utilitarian dog accessories and My Fabulous Puppy was born!  You go grrrrrl! (Sorry, I had to do that!) 

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