Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Thing

Update!  3-23-10
Color added (see below) a la Spoonflower's Art Nouveau Fabric of the Week contest.  Vote for my design!

On paper is usually where my textile design ideas are born.  Photoshop makes it clean and symmetrical. But sometimes the asymmetrical and humanly flawed is more appealing I think. I've been thinking a lot about the Art Nouveau style a lot.  It's fancy without being overwhelming like Rococco and there's the element of the organic about it.
"Objets Nouveau"


2 Virgos Designs said...

beautiful designs!

Piggy said...

You designs are just GORGEOUS! I love them.. especially in the black & white style.

Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

God Bless

SleightGirl said...

Wow! Really wonderful designs!

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