Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Pix for ol' Mothy

I've heard that taking more visually interesting photos of an item can actually bring a sale. So I thought I'd give it whirl. Couldn't hurt to try anyway.

Here is Mothy. Personally, I LOVE him. I think he's one of my best things. He is cute, colorful, very squeezy and totally unique. I think a girl or boy would love to play with him. I got the idea from those weird blankie-lovies that have a stuffed animal head attached (which creep me out but lil' ones seem to really like) and my daughter's favorite doll, Greta.

Each fabric was specially chosen to have a different texture, because that is what Katie loved most about her dolly; she had lots of different fabrics to feel. Aren't these colors great?

The first pictures I took of him to list in my Etsy store were not all that great. As you can see above, I had a boring angle for my shot and wrinkly piece of satin as a backdrop. I told myself that the wrinkles added visual texture. The truth I was too lazy to iron that day.

In this shot (featuring another wrinkly piece of satin) my sad moth looks lumpy and weird which makes my sewing skills look pretty poor. Which they are not, it's my photography that's lacking.

So, I thought about how to make the new photos more interesting. I learned in art school that people like diagonals. So, I photographed Mothy on the woodpile, a natural habitat setting if you will. I angled the camera and artfully arranged those gorgeous wings. Then, I took him inside, plumped him up a bit and set him against this scrap of fabric that looks like wood (again natural habitat--ha!)

So we shall see if this little bit of tweaking brings results. I hope so. Mothy is too cute to sit lonely and unplayed with.

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Aly The Red-Bliss Monkey Studio said...

He's very cute and expressive!!!!!!!

i love stuffies so much, the stuffies have moved out of my big shop and opened their own. You can visit if you like at
But I don't mean this as a promtion for me, only stuffies delighting in eachother.

Nice work.

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