Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bye Bye Birdie -- here's what happened...

  During tech week of Bye Bye Birdie, I was tired. After Bye Bye Birdie was over, I was tired.  After I got over being tired, my laptop had some I-don't-wanna-turn-on-anymore issues that turned out to be a faulty adapter.  Now, 20 days later, I feel less tired and I have a new adapter. So.

   Conrad Birdie's gold jacket. was the last costume I posted.
I added some over-the-top, Michael Jackson looking, sequined epaulettes.  These were made with hot glue, cardboard, felt, lame', star appliques, sequins and some chunky gold curtain trim.  I also added gold gimp, gold star appliques and gold buttons to the jacket just to pimp it up. 
The pants are mustard yellow Dockers to which I  added some gold paint and spray on glitter. Interestingly, neither of these embellishments showed up one bit on stage, all those lights on him but nary a twinkle.  Take a pick with my crappy camera and they shimmer like they're sprinkled with fairy dust.  Go figure.  The gold shirt, black boots and belt we had in stock from the costume shop.

More tomorrow!

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