Saturday, November 30, 2013

Peter Pan recap with photos

As Promised!

I did take photos but cast photographer, Nancy Slattery, kindly gave me permission to post her photos of the cast in their costumes here.  Since her pix were a lot better, action shots and the had the added bonus of a non-cluttery costume shop background in each it was a no brainer which to use.  Click the link to see more of the play pix.   So without further ado these are ALL of the costumes I made or helped make:

Mrs. Darling's dress.  Mauve sheer knit edged with ecru crown lace.  I didn't get to detail this costume very much because it was getting very busy right at that time.  Mr. Darling's tuxedo we had in stock and I didn't make anything for him oh, wait, I put some last minute Velcro on his bowtie.

The FULL Captain Hook, coat, pants, vest, frilly shirt, hook and hat.  Pam did the hook and Taylor, our student crew member, did the hat.
The other Mr. Smee repurposed coat, pants and hat.
My Mr. Smee and Hook doing a little victory dance about their evil plan to do away with Peter.  I love this shot because it shows how the coat furls when the actor spins.  Awesome right?
Hook and Smee discuss why Hook is afraid of crocodiles.  Mr. Smee's outfit:  pants, repurposed coat and hat.
The crocodile!  Pam did the body, I did the head and Taylor did the teeth and eyes (painted ping pong balls with some fabric for eyelids.)

Mermaids! Tails, bikini tops sewn onto flesh colored leotards, seaweedy hair.

And more Mermaids!

The Neverbird:  poncho of very cool blue upholstery fabric with shiny blue 'feathers' (actually blue satin poinsettia petals sewn around the edge and neck) and a few new blue feathers and gems on a mask we had in stock.

A full length shot of Hook and Smee.

This is the scene where Smee, Jukes and Hook try to implement their wicked plan (to do away with Peter and the Lost Boys by enticing them to eat before swimming.)

Smee offers to let Wendy go if she'll be his mother.  Wendy refuses.

Me and my favorite Mr. Smee

The play was really great.  The cast, crew and actors all did a great job 'specially Ryan!  I miss crew already!

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