Monday, June 10, 2013

The 1st Day of the Rest of Summer Vay-cay.

So, today is the 1st day of Summer Vacation.  The first official day.  I was told by my 12 year old that the weekend after the last day of school did not count.  Why it didn't count was not clarified but whatever.   I try to line up a few things to do and places to go every week and usually something fun or interesting on the first official day off.  But this year I didn't do that.  It poured rain here and we did a LOT of sitting around.  I played the Sims 3 which is a lot like eating popcorn -- you can't leave it alone once you start.  The Sims themselves are rather silly (and a bit dull if you really want to know) but what isn't silly or dull is their STUFF.  Picking out their clothes, decorating their house, doing their hair.  It's super fun.

Blair and Cycl0n3 Sw0rd are having a more exciting start to their summer and they aren't even REAL!
So, while my my Sims went to the beach and had a lovely date I didn't really do much myself unless you count virtual cleaning and hanging of wallpaper as accomplishing anything.  Which it probably isn't. 

K and I also have started watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix.  Love that show.  She was looking for something to watch that wasn't boring.  We both like fairy tales I thought this'd be a laugh.  It's GREAT.
  It's like Dynasty but with Snow White's bitchy stepmother and Rumplestiltskin instead of Alexis Colby and Blake Carrington.  Plus they swap back and forth between fairy tale land (with awesome costumes) and modern day which is really cool.  True to form once we find a show we like on Netflix we watch the entire series in a big glut.  Only Netflix has just the first season so it was like a mini-glut.  I hope to be more productive tomorrow but it's supposed to rain again...

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