Saturday, January 26, 2013

So it's Not November...

In fact November is looong over, I complained about Pink Slime and then my blog fell into a black hole.  December came and went, now January's way more than half over. Anyone who knows me knows I HATE being cold and it is COLD in my office where the scanner is.  This is a pathetic excuse not to upload what I've been working on and share it on this blog.  I admit it. But everytime I go in there thinking well, I can stay in here half an hour, how bad can it...BRRRR, forget it!  I turn around and come right back out.

I have two new digital collage packs up in my Etsy shop.  A set of Valentine's Day designs and a set of designs for anyone who has ever tried to find a non-lame sort of design to use in a scrapbook for a tween or teen guy.


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