Monday, October 29, 2012

Some who don't mind a Wet Monday

We've had some tiny visitors on our driveway lately.  I'd have taken a picture of them but they are SO small that you'd be wondering why I've posted a pic of spilled birdseed.  K asked me to draw her a picture of them but ended up drawing her own.  I like her pic better because her snails are holding hands and there's a rainbow in it.  It's all about the details. 
Speaking of details, it's time for Halloween Costume time again.  K's new favorite cartoon is Invader Zim (which is not on any longer but thanks to Netflix a whole new generation of kids can enjoy its quirky humor and ask their moms to make them a themed costume) and her favorite character on that show is is GIR.
There are two versions of GIR, one as a silver-ish robot with blue eyes, the second is when he wears a green zip-up dog costume.  Unable to decide which she liked better, K asked me to design and make a costume that was both. Above is part 1.  Below is what I'm working on.
 This is ambitious I know as the only costumes I've seen are ones that are of the green dog.  I could've said no but truthfully, I want to see if I can do it.  Below are some sketches and ideas for the roboty part. 

Stay tuned!
So here it is, the whole GIR costume all together.  I should have had her turn sideways so the dog-suit hood was visible but my camera was dying (of course.)  There was also a large disagreement as to whether GIR should have hair sticking out of the bottom of his head.

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