Friday, October 19, 2012

Cat On the Hat

When we got our Halloween decor out of the attic I thought the skeleton I usually hang on the door looked a little tired.  I saw this cute craft in a magazine (I don't take credit for the idea but the design is mine) and I had an old hat that I wasn't doing anything with  (I certainly wasn't wearing it.) so I thought why not?
I painted the brim orange, painted the crown black and waited until it was dry.  Then I went back and touched up any spots I'd missed.  Since a straw hat has a lot of texture, you really have to wiggle  your brush into all of those little spaces.  When it was fully dry I painted on a cute kitty face and 'Trick or Treat'. I had to add a 2nd coat on the face details too.  As soon as that's dry it's going up on my door. 

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