Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nail Polish Costume Part II

Here we have the top and front view of the nail polish 'cap.'  I used the peel and stick gold mylar to make the letters, then a gold paint pen to write the smaller print.  Too hard to cut.
For the front of the hat I went to Revon's website and downloaded their logo, cut it out very carefully and glued it on. 
Next came the bottle part.  I went to the Little Bean Workshop's 20 minute jumper tutorial to figure out a pattern.  This one is super easy and easily adaptable to any fabric and any sort of strap you might want.  But I digress...

Next peeling and sticking the gold mylar letters for the front of the bottle.  The back has even more writing but I am NOT doing all of that.  It just says a bunch of stuff about flammability blah blah blah anyway.


allaboutkim said...

this is my halloween costume this year!!! i cant find any info on how to go about making it. u had a great one...i was wondering if you know how much fabric i would get for like a womens 2x? i have no clue how to do anything that involves sewing and im making this tonight????

Periwinkle Paisley said...

What I would do is go to your fabric store and look at patterns for basic jumpers. They should tell you the yardage you'll need. You don't necessarily have to sew. They have something called hemming tape. Get the no-iron kind for denim; trying to iron vinyl can be tricky. You don't want to melt it!

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