Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Silk Screening

First there was this doodle I did at work.  Then
  I think I must've watched This Video on You Tube about a hundred times.

Then I had to figure out my negative space.  This was more difficult than I thought. A lot of details get lost in trying to solidify your design.

Then I cut out my stencil.  Paper stencil silk screening is not really worth it unless your design is very simple. I spent HOURS cutting this design with both scissors and an exacto knife. I only got about 5 passes with the squeegee before it started to disintegrate.  I did use packing tape to make it stronger but even so, it started buckling after a while.  Next time (and there IS going to be a next time!) I'm going to attempt either the filler fluid or the burn method.

Attempt number one done on an old pillowcase for practice.  I don't think we used enough paint, or maybe I wasn't squeegeeing hard enough.  The top and bottom of the paisleys didn't really show up.  Attempts 3 and 4 were progressivley better.

Finally, I felt like it might work on an actual T-shirt and it did!  

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