Monday, April 12, 2010

Paisley of the Week! Vera Bradley Simply Violet

Turns out I was waaaaay off on the color of this VB bag.  I went today to the Hallmark near me to do a little drooling and it turns out that the name 'Simply Violet' is exactly what it means.  I guess the monitor on my laptop adds a lot of blue because I saw it as periwinkle. Purple is still very nice but it's not -- y'know, periwinkle.

In my dream life Vera Bradley calls me up and begs me to go and draw paisleys for them.  Even if they offered me a dollar a day I'd say yes.  The problem with Vera Bradley is that in picking a favorite, it's well near impossible.  It's like eating one potato chip -- something I've never been able to do until I saw this year's spring line.  This is A. periwinkle and B. paisley.  'Nuff said!

If you, or an artist you know, has a perfect paisley for Paisley of the Week! please leave a comment about it on my FB page, send me a tweet or leave a comment here.  If it's someone else's paisley, please get their permission first :)

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