Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spoonflower Dolls - Update

Well I did not make the top 10 of the contest, not for lack of support though.  I am grateful to everyone who went to Spoonflower and voted for my dolls.  I was up against some very good designs.  Perhaps the next contest I'll be luckier.

*The polls are open! Please vote for my entry. You can vote for one entry on each page, my entry is on page 4, the last page. Thank you in advance ;D

This week begins the doll-panel contest at Spoonflower. These 3 lovely ladies are my entry into this contest. Their bodies are made from other fabric designs that I've done. My last Spoonflower contest entry was done last minute and half-hearted. This entry is very much whole hearted. I want very much to reach the top ten.

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