Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hug and Kiss Baby Quilt

My friend Laura is on a crusade, helping a local mission collect blankets for charity. Specifically a hospital in Honduras where the people are so poor that when parents take their newborn babies home, they must wrap the infants in newspaper because the hospital can't afford to give away the blankets. I've had this UFO sitting around for years. First it was going to be for a friend's baby. I can't even remember what friend. Then I figured I'd finish it for my son. He's now 10. His brother and sister are 8 and 6--I had vague notions of finishing it for both of them too. Then I forgot all about it. When Laura asked me if I had anything to donate I said I'd look. There in the bottom drawer of a cabinet where I keep scraps, orphaned quilt blocks and UFOs were four blocks telling me that though they were imperfect they were prettier and cozier than newspaper and could I PLEASE finish them already and send them to Honduras? Who am I to argue with talking quilt blocks? So finally, after languishing for over 10 years, here is my hug and kiss quilt.

I also have a box of 5" squares that have been neglected too....

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