Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Grown Up Things

Once in a while, Rich and I make the effort to do some grown up activities, like eat at restaurants that don't serve chicken nuggets or watch movies that are not animated.

This weekend, we went to a wine tasting at Woodhall Winery in Maryland. If you are going to a winery, I hightly suggest bringing some of your own food. They don't have any and after a while, your mouth gets tired of tasting wine. They did give us some little crackers but I wish there had been cheese too....

I am not an expert about wine. I don't know one from another unless the name's printed on the bottle. I only know what I like.

After sampling some of their wares I was able to confirm what I already know: I don't like rose', I don't like sweet wine, I like merlot and chardonnay and one glass of wine will make me tipsy. (You get about 12 wines but each little taste added up equals about a glass and a half.)


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