Friday, January 30, 2009

I really haven't posted since Christmas? Where does the time go? Right now things are sort of busy. I am working on some fabric designs for a private company! I was at my Y babysitting job this summer doodling in a sketchbook (during a slow time of course) and a woman who was dropping off her child there saw my work and asked me if I'd like to design some fabric. How did she know? It's a lot harder than I thought, you have to get it so that the repeats are right with no holes in them. And thank goodness I taught myself how to use the pen tool in PS!

On another note, here is a little idea for all of you sewers and even knitter/crocheters. We all manufacture throwaway scraps right? You know--snips of fabric too little to sew anything with; that last bit of thread on the bobbin that doesn't go, bits of yarn too short to crochet even into a coaster; kids clothes that are too full of holes and too stained to pass on to a younger sibling or Goodwill; socks with holes; old underwear; used dryersheets. Of course they can be used for cleaning rags, but seriously, how many rags can a person really use? I throw all of my bits like this into a box and sometimes take a bit of time to shred them even smaller and then I use it for stuffing. I made my oldest a bean bag chair that is 50% post consumer filling. I don't recommend this sort of stuffing for dollmaking but for everything else it's great. How's that for green?

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