Monday, September 12, 2011

Water Marble Nails

Nails like Good -n- Plenty!

Want super fun nails that get you noticed?  Try a water marble manicure!   You know how when you try to artistically enhance your own nails the left hand looks good but then your right will look all shakey and messed up? With a water marble mani both hands will look awesome!  For a tutorial visit  My Simple Little Pleasures blog.  Colette, its' writer, has dozens of easy to understand tutorials on how to get this cool and unique swirly look.

Some things to keep in mind:

While this type of manicure is not difficult to do, it does take a while and it is messy so give yourself about an hour of uninterrupted time plus drying time. 

If you're doing your nails for a special occaision, I recommend that you do them a day beforehand.  Like I said, marbling can be messy; there's always some nailpolish on your fingers and it's easier to get it completely off of your hands when it's totally dry.  You can use nailpolish remover but it may mess up your marbling if you slip up so I found that it's just better to wait.

Pick colors that contrast with eachother.  If your colors are too close together (like pink, red, orange) the swirly effect doesn't show up quite as well.

Paint all of your nails with white (or another light color) first. It gives the other colors a backdrop like a little canvas for your 10 mini-masterpieces!

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